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High Performance Computing Center

Director: Tymczak, Christopher, Ph.D.


Texas Southern University's High Performance Computing Center (TSU-HPCC) was established to promote research and teaching on campus through integrating leading-edge high performance computing and visualization for the faculty, staff and students of Texas Southern University. The HPCC provides consulting and assistance to campus researchers with experimental software and/or hardware needs. We also provide training in parallel and grid computing. HPCC will serves as a liaison between various teams that are engaged in research. We work to support, configure and port applications to HPCC resources.




  • Ares Cluster ( Computer cluster )

    "Ares, installed in December 2008 has sixteen dual-slot quad-core nodes with Intel Xeon 5350 2.0 Ghz processors with 8 Gigabyes of memory connected via dual Gigabit ethernets. The full parallel cluster has a total of 128 cores and a total memory of 128 Gigabytes, with a peak speed of 0.672 Teraflops."

  • Hades Cluster ( Computer cluster )

    "Hades, installed on January 2010, has eight dual slot hyperthreaded quad core nodes with the Intel E5520 2.33 GHz Xeon Processor with 12 Gigabyes of Memory connected via a 10 Gigabit ethernet using an Utra low latency Arista 7124S switch. The full parallel cluster has a total of 128 virtual cores and a total memory of 96 Gigabytes, with a peak speed of 0.783 Teraflops."

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