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Molecular Biology Core Laboratory

Director: Ranganna, Kasturi, Ph.D.


    Member: Matthew, Omana
    Role: Research Associate, College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences




  • Analysis of gene function by RNA interference ( Material analysis service )

    Use siRNA or shRNA plasmids both in cell culture model and animal models

  • Chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) assay ( Material analysis service )

    Analysis of protein-DNA interactions, specifically at target promoter sites under native conditions

  • Conventional and real time PCR assays ( Material analysis service )

    Analysis of gene expression & function and miRNA analysis

  • Epigenetic analysis ( Material analysis service )

    Significance of acetylation and methylation of histones in the regulation of gene expression: role in normal development and in disease pathogenesis

  • Flow cytometry ( Material analysis service )

    Cell proliferation, apoptosis, altered redox state, and protein expression analysis.

  • MicroRNA profiling ( Material analysis service )

    Studies in the context of disease pathogenesis, genome-wide expression analysis and pathway-based expression analysis


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