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Core Laboratories at Texas Southern University

This is a summary list of all core laboratories at Texas Southern University . The list includes links to more detailed information, which may also be found using the eagle-i search app.

Biosensor, Biomarker and Environmental Toxicology Core Facility


The Biosensor and Biomarker Technology (BBT) Core Facility is a research support facility at Texas Southern University (TSU) that provides technical and resources support as well as hands-on training in molecular and biochemical techniques for environmental and biomedical research investigators. The main objective of the BBT is to provide essential research infrastructure to improve and facilitate the research capabilities of faculty investigators and graduate students at TSU. To accomplish this goal, the BBT core facility provides assistance to research investigators in the following molecular, environmental and toxicological techniques through RCMI-sponsored research resources.

Environmental Research and Technology Transfer Center


The goal of the center is to address training, research problems, and technology transfer issues as they relate to the environment; by increasing the number of under-represented minority graduates in science, mathematics, engineering, and technology. ERT2C projects focus on analysis of toxic elements and compounds in a closed environment, trace metals in soil, soil sediments, air and wastewater processes, wastewater contaminants, and environmental policy and law. The Core Analytical Facility is an important component of the center. The Core‘s mission is to achieve regional, community, and national recognition as a quality environmental analytical laboratory and environmental research program. This Mission will be achieved through the characterization of environmental toxicants in the ambient environment (air, soil, and/or water) and the investigation of the mechanisms involved in the toxicity effect.

Molecular Biology Core Laboratory

Pharmacology Core


There is an increasing need for a more efficient health care system including novel drugs that help to relieve the health disparity in minority and urban communities. The Pharmacology Core helps TSU achieve its goal of improving biomedical research on minority health. In conjunction with the other RCMI research cores and laboratories, lead compounds can be screened and analyzed at the Pharmacology Core facility, and will be optimized and further developed to obtain preclinical efficacy, toxicity and pharmacokinetic information, and eventually translated to Phase 0-I clinical trials. The following resources are available in the Pharmacology Core facility: drug preformulation and formulation on promising compounds; novel nanotechnology-based drug formulation, characterization and delivery techniques for in vitro and in vivo studies; nanoparticle imaging and analysis instruments, and methods for molecule and particle characterization; mass spectrometry instruments and capability of qualitative and quantitative measurement of small molecules; and small animal facility for preclinical and clinical pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics studies.

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